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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why a paid service? Isn’t the whole point of Internet dating that it’s (often) free?
While it’s true that virtually anyone can virtually put themselves out there as available, that doesn’t mean that many are making it work without putting forth a great deal of effort. Working with a professional ensures that the time you spend searching for love online is purposeful, and takes you in the right direction. Whether you simply need an objective and experienced eye to give your online presence a makeover, or require more hands-on management of your online dating life, I’m sure that every single one of my clients will experience positive changes in their social lives as a result of our work together.
2. Can you guarantee your work?

Yes, I can - although obviously I cannot guarantee a particular outcome. I’m a matchmaker, not a psychic! But a highly intuitive matchmaker, and that’s why I feel confident that I can bring the secrets of romantic success to anyone who’s willing to trust in the process. It’s a very fulfilling one.

The terms of your Junia package will be met in their entirety, and I’ll provide plenty of proof of that along the way. I can also guarantee that you’ll have a lot of fun working with me, and - depending on your package and the level of interaction it necessitates - that I’ll learn a lot from working with you.

I pride myself on my record of real, long-term relationships I’ve helped establish in the past, and I’ve had the opportunity to hone a variety of skilled approaches to connecting people. If you follow my blog you’ll be able to tag along on my professional journey, too, although obviously confidentiality regarding current clients is 100% guaranteed. You can read a number of testimonials from some of my former clients right on this website.

3. Where is Junia located?

I’m currently based in Guelph, Ontario, approximately 80 km west of Toronto. Clients in the Guelph/K-W/Cambridge area are welcome to meet with me in person. However, because of the nature of my work, I’m able to accommodate people located anywhere in the world for my online services.

4. If I live in another part of Ontario, can I arrange a face-to-face consultation?

Yes. I visit downtown Toronto at least once a month to hold information sessions, and conduct one-on-one consultations and coaching sessions for prospective and current clients. I make similar visits to other communities (including Windsor, London, Stratford, Woodstock, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Niagara, Durham Region, Peterborough, Parry Sound, and Ottawa) several times annually. Please feel free to contact me if you’re wondering when I might be in your area.

5. How does the process work?

It’s quite simple. Once payment is arranged, you will receive a questionnaire via email that is both easy and fun to complete. I’ll ask you to return it to me within a week, so that we can schedule a 60-90 minute consultation (to be conducted either via Skype, over the telephone, or in person, depending on your location).

The steps that follow the initial consultation will depend on the package you purchase. During the consultation, in all cases I’ll be talking to you about: who it is you’d like to meet; how we can improve your online presence (including specific suggestions regarding photography and other non-verbal elements); and what your new profile is going to say and do for you. If you’ve chosen a VIP or Elite package, I’ll also take on varying degrees of responsibility for initiating and maintaining your contacts, coaching you through dates, and processing your feedback to ensure the experience leads to successful meetings.

6. Is this a confidential service?

Absolutely. During the pre-meeting period you’ll fill out a questionnaire in which you’ll clearly indicate to me your preferred method(s) of contact, and whether it is possible to leave discreet voicemail messages, etc. For the record, you will always only hear from “Anne at Junia Services,” with the word “Matchmaking” deliberately omitted in the event that anyone else should ever have access to your phone or voicemail. Generally, as this is an online business, most of my clients prefer email or Skype as a means of regular contact.

I do not make information about my clients available to anyone, nor will I share your contact information with any person or company. Other than a “Congratulations on your Engagement” card (here’s hoping!), I promise that I will never mail anything to your home address. I only require that information for matching purposes, to determine your exact location.

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